Who are you aiming to peruade?

  • Team - Reminder of your purpose? Rallying the troops?
  • Customers - Establishing empathy?
  • Investors - Proving you understand your market?


What is their emotional hook?

  • What does the reader desire? What do they fear?
  • Senses - what can they smell, taste, hear, see?
  • Compelling - give the reader something to get curious about


Identify value

  • Identify value value your reader will get by reading more
  • Teach - What do you want the reader to learn, think, remember?
  • Provide social proof of trustworthyness


Are you making sense?

  • Be specific - refer to real data if it is available
  • Use plain language - don't try to sound clever
  • Avoid terms like world leader or best in town


Is the timing right?