Pipe dreams that flow


Sell your intentions and expectations to grow belief in why the struggle is worthwhile


Stand on the shoulders of giants, design small components with interfaces that scale to large solutions


Is this worth the time and resources? Honestly address results and record decision making process to interpret next steps

Flow of thought

Doing _______ is painful because _______ is causing _______ . Fixing this process has been blocked by _______ .

In a perfect world you would ______ . Your estimate opportunity cost is between ________ and _______ per _______ (hour | unit of work). With potential positive side effects including _______ .

You would be prepared to sacrifice _______ to move forwards as your primary motivation is _______

Others in your situation would includes _______

  1. Feel the pain
  2. Align values
  3. Sell the future
  4. Set decision triggers
  5. Test riskiest assumption
  6. Commit to a plan
  7. Do the least
  8. Quantify results
  9. Learn
  10. Loop

Follow the streams to the extremes

  • What does perfection look like?
  • What is the worst case scenario?
  • When are critical moments?
  • How does a successful interaction end?
  • What can be measured?

Make more good decisions than bad, make them quicker than other and you'll be doing alright.

There is a time to dream, a time to plan, a time to act and a time to reflect. Whatever you do INVEST your TIME wisely!