Build Your Pipe Dreams

Combine engineering with a strong vision for the future to create leaps in value

A great idea is worth nothing without great execution, but how do you priortise between great ideas and the capability to turn them into reality?

Go too far into selling the dream without the reality of engineering or too deep into engineering and lose sight of how to sell the why and you risk losing support.

Create a virtuous circle using visions for a better solution to motivate the hours of dedication required to gain the required engineering knowledge. Engineering knowledge that will help you dream bigger yet more realistic dreams.

A rising tide lifts all boats - JFK


Margin Optimisation

Business Department often had targets that were not in alignment for the greater good of the Organisation. With operations and data spread across silos of Countries, Business Departments, System Applications. To get agreement on the way forward required listening to every view of the problem and solution to build a unified vision of success.

Tell Valueable Stories

Wisdom is more valuable than knowledge as it incorporates the driving force of why? the timing of when? with the knowledge of how to move the needle forward.

  • The rapid transfer of wisdom is the key to success
  • The fastest way to transfer wisdom is to tell engaging stories
  • The value of Money is just a shared construct of our imagination

process and intrument diagrams

Business operations across industries are much the same, it is just the nomenclature that varies. Map the names of things to concepts you already know to accelerate learning. The Meta of the Matter is where the Money is.

Then follow each stream to the extremes recording what comes in and what goes out, listen to everyone's view without prejudice along the way.

Remember the critical reasons why software exists

  1. Accuracy - avoid costly mistakes while maximising opportunities
  2. Efficiency - save time by automating repetitive tasks
  3. Effectiveness - prioritise the most valuable decisions
  4. Accountability - enforce best practices of who does what when

and step outside the eye of your mind and ask...

What would it take to move the needle?

  • What question is everyone missing?
  • How is value created? lost?
  • What is the fastest way to learn this?
  • How could I explain this faster?
  • What roadsigns show the way?
  • Who makes critical decisions? When? Why?
  • What is the opposite way of looking at this?
  • In a perfect system what would happen?
  • Who is the enemy?

Close the loop keep it light

Life is a game where many things appear serious but that does not require us to be solemn, it is because important things are serious that they require humour. For a creative brain remember to maintain a laidback intensity or to be intensely laidback. Never dumb down your ideas, just edit them for your audience.

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know - Ernest Hemingway